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Store owners can request their free eyewear sample here.

Are you an optical or retail store owner considering stocking ROAV Galaxy or INTHINITI eyewear?

Why not take advantage of our free sample offer? This way you can see for yourself why our eyewear is now sold in 35+ countries worldwide. Feel the magic your customers will experience!

ROAV Galaxy

ROAV Galaxy is the worlds thinnest, most pocketable folding eyewear, with no screws they are featherlight at just 15g and extremely strong and flexible. This brand has both a range of sunglass and optical frames that you can choose from.

A woman wearing glamorous sunglasses by the pool

Our ROAV Galaxy collections include:

  • Origin

  • Oxygen

  • Odyssey

  • Superstar

  • Sport

  • Optical Vision

  • Optical Vision + Acetate

  • Optical Fusion

Woman wearing ROAV foldable prescription frames


INTHINITI eyewear offers thin, fun and stylish prescription eyewear or sunglasses that function perfectly. It comes with an aesthetically pleasing thin compact case that you can carry easily anywhere and everywhere you go.

A woman wearing INTHINITI optical glasses

Choose from a large variety of frame colour options, more than any other brand. Customers can even choose the colours for the temples of their glasses and from a range of designs for the compact carry case!

Different INTHINITI frame designs

Different colours for the temples on the INTHINITI glasses

The INTHINITI collection include:

  • Sunglasses

  • Optical

  • Ready Readers

Discover more about ROAV Galaxy and INTHINITI eyewear through our digital catalogue below.


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