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We design innovative products your customers will love!

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At Midas Creatives, everything that we touch we aim to provide it with a fresh and emotive result that re-defines products with originality, excitement and innovation.

Today we take a closer look at some of the stand out design features of two of our popular eyewear brands, ROAV Galaxy and INTHINITI.

ROAV Galaxy - No.1 folding eyewear

When conceptualising ROAV Galaxy, in the early design stages we often asked ourselves…

“Can we re-invent and improve folding eyewear?”

All of our competitors folding frames are bulkier and less compact when compared to any ROAV frame. This is why we are universally considered as 'The World's Thinnest Folding Eyewear'.

We have worked hard to improve both the aesthetic and technical aspects of this folding function. This is because it is the portability of the eyewear that makes a positive difference to where and how people carry their frames around with them.

Priority was to ensure that ROAV Galaxy customers can fit their optical eyewear and sunglasses effortlessly in the tightest of back pockets, small purses and handbags.

We believe that the best eyewear is the pair you can effortlessly carry around with you everywhere and anywhere you go.

As thin as an iPhone when folded up, our eyewear massively reduces the folded width from the 30mm of our nearest Ray-Ban competitor, to a thin 8mm.

Comparison of thinness when folded between ROAV and Rayban sunglasses

Each pair of ROAV eyewear folds up and fits neatly inside a colourful rubber pouch which not only looks great but provides very effective protection, even when sat on!

Colourful protective eyewear pouch from ROAV

No more carrying around bulky eyewear cases or having to wear your sunglasses on the top of your head when the sun goes in.

Roav sunglasses folded into back pocket

INTHINITI - colourful and compact!

A key design feature of the INTHINITI brand is its sleek compact case. Even though the frames are not foldable they do close into a protective, portable case that shuts as thin as an iphone!

Compact Inthiniti eyewear case

With INTHINITI the attention to detail comes in the wide choice of colours the customer has for the temple tips.

Colourful temples for Inthiniti eyewear

And the attention to detail goes even further with a fun, stylish and modern choice of case designs for the customer.

Choice of eyewear cases designs for Inthiniti

Both ROAV Galaxy and INTHINITI are extremely lightweight

Weighing in at less than 20grams, the lightness of the frame is attributed to a thinly cut, extremely flexible stainless steel frame.

Roav eyewear weighs less than 20 grams

Another objective with both brands was to counter the misconception that lightness and thinness means weakness, so we insisted on only using super-strength stainless steel in our frames.

Strong as an Ox and extremely flexible

Each ROAV Galaxy frame is coated with a ION scratch-resistant coating.

Roav has an ION scratch-resistant coating on its eyewear frame

We are so confident in the durability of our frames that we offer a 2 year warranty with each ROAV Galaxy and INTHINITI purchase.

Attention to detail

Our ROAV Galaxy engineers have studied every design detail ensuring every part functions perfectly and complements each other. When it comes to opening and closing the eyewear, all parts are connected so well that it opens almost automatically.

Image showing technical aspects of Roav folding eyewear

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