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ROAV Optical Vision Collection

ROAV Galaxy make the thin foldable eyewear that is lightweight, pocketable, and easy to take with you anywhere!

We provide a variety of optical vision frames with many styles to choose from.

ROAV Optical Vision Collection

Our Optical Vision series are foldable glasses suitable for both men and women.

Perfect for use as your main pair of prescription glasses, regular contact lens wearers also choose ROAV for their spare pair of glasses for when their eyes become sore and irritated. The foldability, strength and portability of these glasses mean that they are considered the perfect wingman, loyal and always by your side.

Laser cut from super strength stainless steel and covered in a scratch resistant ion coating, every pair comes with a 2 year guarantee. Choose from a large variety of plating, temple, lens rim and lens colours. Frame plating colours include Matte Black, Brush Gunmetal, Brush Silver and Brush Gold.

ROAV Vision series

ROAV Optical Vision + Acetate

Like the ROAV Optical Vision collection, the ROAV Optical Vision + Acetate collection includes a wide range of colours and are extremely light weight (15 grams) meaning they are very comfortable to wear.

Ultra-thin, stylish and foldable, the inclusion of Acetate adds an element of uniqueness and colour to the frames in this collection.

Optical glasses with Acetate

ROAV Optical Fusion Collection

The ROAV Optical Fusion collection are non-folding optical glasses with an additional sunglass clip on. Customers enjoy the options of wearing their ROAV Optical Fusion prescription glasses and carrying their clip on sunglass ready for when the sun comes out.

A range of ROAV Optical Fusion glasses

ROAV Optical Fusion glasses


Tips on how to glaze the ROAV optical collections can be found here.

Digital Catalogue

Discover more about ROAV Optical Vision, ROAV Optical Vision + Acetate and the ROAV Optical Fusion Collections, plus our extensive sunglass range through our digital catalogue below.

Free sample

If you are a business owner considering ROAV, why not test out our game-changing technology for yourself and request a free sample here.

Any opticians, sports or cycling shops, gym, spa, hotel, or lifestyle stores interested in stocking ROAV Optical Vision, ROAV Optical Vision + Acetate and ROAV Optical Fusion collections can find out more by contacting Steve Carter directly on 07852178159 or

A man and woman wearing ROAV Optical Vision glasses

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