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INTHINITI adds colourful TR90 range to collection

INTHINITI frames are fun ready readers, prescription eyewear and sunglasses with more frame and lens colour options than any other brand.

INTHINITI sunglasses


The latest addition to the INTHINITI collection is the new TR90 range of frames.

Choose from brush gold, brush silver and matte black stainless steel frames. Alternative frame options to the stainless steel are thinner lightweight wire temples. Temple tip design options come in a wide variety of colour options.

TR90 Collection with a range of different frames

INTHINITI Shield Sunglasses

Fashionable, striking and on trend, the INTHINITI shield sunglasses are popular with a younger audience keen to get noticed. Daring shapes include cat eye, oversized, rectangular, heart shaped and circular. High quality lenses are polarised offering 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Shield INTHINITI collection

Shield sunglasses

INTHINITI Optical and Ready Readers

Choose from 6 frame shapes in stainless steel with various colours such as; brush gold, brush silver and matte black.

For more information about how to glaze INTHINITI optical, follow this link here.

Ready reader options come with a range of prescription lenses which are already in the frame.

Optical and Reading glasses INTHINITI collection

INTHINITI Sunglasses

The sunglasses range are again stainless steel and lightweight. You can choose from a variety of colours which includes brush gold, brush silver and matte black.

They are also glazable if anyone wishes to put their prescription lens in.

Again, like all other frames in the INITHINITI collection you will have the option of choosing temple tip colours.

Sunglasses collection for INTHINITI

INTHINITI Compact Case

Thin as an iphone when closed into its sleek, aesthetically pleasing compact case, customers can easily carry their Inthiniti eyewear everywhere and anywhere with them.

The Inthiniti case also provides very effective protection when the eyewear is closed. They come in a variety of designs for customers to choose from and there is also an option for retailers to add their own logo and customise the case design themselves.

Customised designed compact cases for INTHINITI

Recommended Retail Pricing

The full INTHINITI collection comes at a lower price point when compared to our ROAV Galaxy foldable collections.

Rimless Sun RRP- £59

Shield Sun RRP- £59

TR90+ Reading or Blue Ray RRP- £63

TR90 SUN (single colour) RRP- £68

TR90 SUN (mirror colour) RRP- £74

Stainless steel+ Blue Ray or Reading RRP- £68

Stainless steel sun RRP- £72

Stainless steel sun RRP- £77

Inthiniti sunglasses in a compact case

View the full digital catalogue

To view more images and models of the full INTHINITI and ROAV Galaxy eyewear collections. Please click the link below.

Free Sample

If you are a business owner considering ROAV, why not test out our game-changing technology for yourself and request a free sample here.

Any opticians, sports or cycling shops, gym, spa, hotel, or lifestyle stores interested in stocking ROAV Galaxy can find out more by contacting Steve Carter directly on 07852178159 or

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