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Influencers offered design opportunity

ROAV Galaxy are currently in talks with influencers, athletes, musicians and celebrities, offering them the unique opportunity of designing their own model of sunglasses.

When asked why they were involving others in the design process, ROAV Marketing Manager Steve Carter explained…

“The team at ROAV have always embraced creativity and we look forward to seeing what designs the influencers come back to us with. Sometimes it’s important to view life through different lenses every now and again.”

He then smiles to himself, understanding the irony of what he has just said. Ironic because ROAV are often described as ‘independent innovators’ from within the optical industry. Producing folding eyewear whose slick designs excite thousands of people enough each year to choose ROAV over the typical designer brands.

The collaboration with influencers will capitalise on ROAV’s ability to manufacturer eyewear that is unusual in shape and bespoke, in a short time frame. Once the influencers designs are selected, they will be on sale to the public in a matter of weeks through Be sure to check out the influencer design page to see if someone you follow has got involved! You could soon be wearing a sunglasses design from someone you support, follow or are inspired by.

All this coincides with the recent launch of a 6th sunglasses collection called ‘Oxygen’. These feature a new rimless construction frame, an attention-grabbing modern look and some truly daring shaped designs!

Are you an influencer with a network of followers, looking to have your own sunglasses design?

You can earn money from every sale, plus your fanbase will be offered a unique discount code for every product on Please do not hesitate to contact to learn more.

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