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Brand New Collection- Oxygen

ROAV Galaxy are preparing to launch a brand new collection called Oxygen.

Oxygen is a new rimless construction folding frame that looks modern and enables some truly daring shaped designs.

ROAV sunglasses are always light in weight, flexible, strong and durable, and this all remains with the Oxygen collection.

Blue folding sunglasses

The Oxygen rubber sunglasses pouch showcases a new semi-transparent design that provides tough protection when your frames are folded up inside it.

Completely unique to the Oxygen collection is a brightly coloured tin box that not only oozes fun and character, but is useful storage for your sunnies and anything else when not in use.

Rubber sunglasses pouch

The collection includes a new laser printed pattern on the front of the frames, creating more visual depth and layers.

The frame plating colour choices include brush silver, matte black and brush gold. The Oxygen lens colour options are bold and vibrant and include blue gradient mirror, blue mirror, green gradient, silver mirror and blue gradient orange.

Light, flexible and strong sunglasses

Folding as thin as a smartphone, you can take your Oxygen frames anywhere and everywhere with you without having to worry about where to store them once the sun goes down.

Light weight blue folding sunglasses

This collection of sunglasses will come in at a permanent lower price point, and there will be a 'Promotion Launch Price' till the end of August from $110 down to $88. Make sure to keep an eye out for the official launch and take full advantage of the cheaper price before August 31st.

For those that are looking to stand out, feel fearless and confident, our Oxygen sunglasses will have you sorted.

Here is a sneak preview of the full line-up of Oxygen sunglasses about to launch early August 2021.

ROAV Oxygen sunglasses collection

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